Take a Tour of My Lake House

I'm so excited to reveal one of my biggest projects I tackled this year...renovating and decorating our lake house in Delavan, WI. Can't tell you how much fun I had with this...I loved every step from working with the designer and engineer to design the structure, to picking out the tile for the master bath, to creating art that would bring a modern balance to the nautical space. 

PRESSKristi Kohut
What's Happening In My Studio This Week

My work tends to happen and ebbs and flows...some weeks I will feel super inspired and crank out a ton of new work, while other weeks, I may do bits and pieces but find myself focusing on the other aspects of business. This is one of those weeks we I just can't seem to keep the brush out of my hands for long. I'm feeling really inspired to create some new agate pieces. Here's a few shots of my current work in progress!

Artist Naomi Ernest

One of my favorite artists, the ultra-talented Naomi Ernest, kicks off a new series featuring fellow art addicts, those that are living the artist's life and creating art. Get ready to get inside their head and see what what inspires them, how they overcome fear and why they do what they do.

Hapi + Adore Your Walls

Every space can be improved upon with the thoughtful arrangement of original art. We've partnered with Art Consulting Expert Liz Lidgett and Adore Your Walls to provide you with a custom art consulting service personalized to your style and space. There is no substitute for the feeling of finding the perfect piece for your room, home or office. Let's start chasing that feeling!