Kristi Kohut Fine Art Artist Colorful Wall Art

Hi there! I’m Kristi Kohut. Welcome to my studio.

If this is our first time meeting, then hello! I’m glad you’re here. If you found me through my Instagram feed, well I say *double-tap to that,* thanks for stopping by. Grab a coffee and let’s chat, shall we?


There’s just a few things I think you should know about me, so here goes…

I’m an artist. But 10 years ago, if you told me I’d have my own studio, I’d think you were dreaming. You see, I spent my 20s in the mad world of advertising (minus Don Draper), and it was totally breathless and exciting. But when my son was born, I knew I didn’t want to miss those precious moments with him so I decided to leave the agency hustle and stay at home with him. Little did I know, I’d be starting my own hustle, one that I love even more than the one I left. My husband encouraged me to put a small studio in our home, I bought some supplies, and wham! The moment I picked up that brush, something in me sparked. I felt a joy, a contentment, that I had never known before. That moment was magic. And that’s what I create my art to convey to you—that same magic moment. With bold, brights colors in agate-inspired patterns and shimmering, crystallized layers of mixed-media, I want my art to lift you out of your everyday and into my magical world. Let it.

I’m an artlier. What’s that, you ask? Well, you’ve heard of outliers, right? I’m that, but in the art world. My art philosophy is quite simple: there are no rules. With so much of the art world behind closed doors or within intimidating galleries, I want my work to be inviting and uplifting. It’s part of my mission to break down the barriers that separate collectors from figuring out what the heck collecting means, not just in the grand scheme of things, but to them, personally. Because collecting is nothing if not deeply personal—it’s not just an investment, but an investment in you. Let’s make the most of it, together.

And I’m an entrepreneur. If bridging the worlds of making art and collecting it wasn’t enough (whoosh!), I’m reinventing the way we interact with art. I know art can be $$$, and sometimes the investment just isn’t manageable. But I still want to help you own art in whatever way you can, whether it’s through prints or my new home line, where my signature art has been transformed into textile patterns, pillows, poufs and wall coverings. Plus, all original work is fully customizable, meaning it can be made just. for. you. How cool is that?!

If you’re ready to take a look around, then may I suggest starting here? Or, if you want to hear even more about me (like how I was named one of the “7 Next-Big-Thing Artists” by Elle Decor, by all means hit up my press page. Whatever you do, let the magic of art fill you with joy…you’ll never regret happiness.


Today, Kristi’s work has been featured in over 70 publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Forbes and World of Interiors, and purchased by entrepreneurs, Hall of Fame athletes and magazine editors across four continents.


“My work is influenced by color and pattern in the world all around us.

A permeating crack on the sidewalk, the vibrant layers of agate rock, the exotic clothing of a faraway place, are my muses. I love the color and effect created when unexpected colors and textures are combined. The glossiness of an acrylic paint next to the chalky texture of a pastel. Or an iridescent blend next to a thick, velvety smudge of oil pigment. My process is an intuitive dance of play, working until I find just the right combination of color and texture. I know when it is done, when it elicits a feeling inside, a zing, a ping of joy or pleasure that often comes with that final touch or pop of color, suddenly transforming the piece. That feeling is a connection to something more, something that is not of the day-to-day routine of life. The antithesis of routine. A hint at what's on the other side of this world.”


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