artist. entrepreneur. COLOR LOVER.

From shimmering, crystalized, layers of color, to bold agate-inspired work, I aim to create work that instantly lifts you out of the every day and into my world. When I'm not working in my studio, you can find me discussing collaborations with big brands and designers, reviewing test prints of new textile and wallpaper designs, or spending time on my favorite secluded island in the BVI, working on my latest body of work. In addition to my fine art practice, I believe our homes should be filled with art and that art should be accessible to everyone. I've translated my work into a home line that includes bold, vibrant linen textiles, pillows, poufs and most recently wall coverings, all created from original artwork and fully-customizable (more details on this in a bit!). 

How are people responding to your work...I feel like I'm seeing it everywhere!?

I'm so incredibly grateful for all of the support people give me for my work...this allows me to keep doing what I love the most and to keep pushing my work forward. I love love love collaborating with interior designers, collectors and big brands such as Anthropologie and West Elm on my work, it always seems to take my work to places I never wouldn't have otherwise gone, and that is so exciting to me. The press has been so incredible in helping me spread the word about new work, product launches and more. If you'd like to hear more about what they are saying, you can check it out here (plus these are great places to steal ideas on how to incorporate them into your space!)  

I heard you were named one of the “7 next-big-thing artists” by Elle Decor magazine?

Not gonna lie, this one made me almost fall of my chair. I think what was so cool about this, is that I'm not following the path of the "traditional" artist. This is so exciting not only to artists but to collectors as well, signaling that the art world is changing and expanding into new directions, making it easier than ever to connect with and collect work that makes your heart sing. So what exactly does this mean? Well, I'm part of a group of artists that are carving out a new path in the art world and selling direct to the collector online and via social media, which means you no longer have to happen to be in the right city, walking into the right gallery, to have access to new original work. I bring it right to you and, if you are up for it, you can follow along my journey and get an inside peak into my process. My original works often sell out within moments of posting to Instagram, so if you are looking for new original pieces, be sure to follow me here. If you really want to be the first to hear, shoot me your email here and I'll make sure you are on the list to be the first to know. 

Is it true collectors are often on your waitlist to obtain one of her ever-popular 3D “Bloom” series? What exactly is the Bloom series?

While I wish I had enough time to make the perfect piece for all of you, the truth is, the pieces in this series take a lot of love and time. So what are they? These works are comprised of hundreds of cut-flowers created from my original collages. The collages aim to capture our culture’s obsession with beauty, brands and material status. I often incorporate found materials such as high-fashion clothing tags and torn bits of fashion magazines, along with original photography, sketches and illustrations. And most recently, I've been coating each of the flowers with cut glass glitter, giving them a dazzling, shimmering effect when the light hits them. You can hear (and see!) more about this series here

What influences your work? What are you hoping the viewer sees when looking at it?

My work is influenced by color and pattern in the world all around us. A permeating crack on the sidewalk, the vibrant layers of agate rock, the exotic clothing of a faraway place, are my muses. I love the color and effect created when unexpected colors and textures are combined. The glossiness of an acrylic paint next to the chalky texture of a pastel. Or an iridescent blend next to a thick, velvety smudge of oil pigment.

My process is an intuitive dance of play, working until I find just the right combination of color and texture. I know when it is done, when it elicits a feeling inside, a zing, a ping of joy or pleasure that often comes with that final touch or pop of color, suddenly transforming the piece. That feeling is a connection to something more, something that is not of the day-to-day routine of life. The antithesis of routine. A hint at what's on the other side of this world.