This week has been a big week for our studio...the kind of things dreams are made of. And I'm not talking about the sushi yet (more on that later). There's just something about the glitz and glamour, the excitement of art week in Miami. I attended last year, and I just knew I wanted my work to be a part of it. This week, I got to make my debut at the Scope Art fair, right on the beach. Opening Day/VIP preview was Tuesday and the fair continues through Sunday.

If you are lucky enough to be there and wander the stalls gazing at so much amazing art while sipping champagne. Live it up. It such a fun experience. Just beware of sensory overload and be sure to pace yourself (with the art that is). There is so much to see and maybe you'll stumble upon a piece that just makes your heart sing and that you just have to have, or find the steal of the century. For me, I found the latter after realizing the former was just a tad more than I was willing to spend. I hit up the sushi bar at just the right time and scored my 2-for-1 sushi. And bonus! not because it was old, but because this show was closing for the night and everyone was being shepherded to the opening of Aqua down the street. Not exactly what I was shooting for, but I'll take it. 

I hope you can make it there before the show ends. If not, here's a peak at the piece I am exhibiting. And because I believe everyone should should have access whether you can make it down there or not, we decided to make this piece available right here on the site. So you can be that savvy, anonymous buyer that takes everyone by surprise and steals it out of that fair goer's hands before they can shout "I'll take it!". Don't worry, we love a little mystery, we won't say a word. ;)

It's titled "Imagine" and this is like my anthem piece, I put so much heart and love into this one. It's inspired by the inherent beauty in the natural world and the man-made beauty of the commercial world and aims to explore the power our imagination has in creating our reality.

It's full of hundreds of hand-cut shimmering crystalized flowers, full of color, pattern and beauty, all created with original illustrations, photography, found paper, acrylic and more.  

I hope it inspires you to live a more love-filled, beautiful, joyous life. Because life is like art, we create what we imagine. Enjoy!


Check out the video: