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Every space can be improved upon with the thoughtful arrangement of original art. We've partnered with Art Consulting Expert Liz Lidgett and Adore Your Walls to provide you with a custom art consulting service personalized to your style and space. There is no substitute for the feeling of finding the perfect piece for your room, home or office. Let's start chasing that feeling! 



How long have you been helping people find art for their homes? What is it about this that you love doing?

I’ve had my own business as an art advisor for 3.5 years. Art can be intimidating to some and I love working with clients to help them find artwork they love. I try to educate my clients and I talk frequently about how you don’t have to be a millionaire to be an art collector. You can have wonderful, meaningful artwork in your home on a budget. Art is for everyone. 


How can you help someone find the right art for their home? What other benefits can you provide?

When I first talk with clients, I ask them to take a brief questionnaire. This ranges from everything from 'how do you want to feel when you walk in the room?' to ‘what do you do on a Saturday afternoon?’. Then I ask for photos and dimensions of the space. With all of this information, I help them find the perfect piece of artwork for their style, space, and budget. Working with an art advisor takes all the guesswork out of your decision. My clients know what the work will look like in their home even before it arrives.


Explain how the process works when someone hires you?

I like to get to know my clients so that the artwork will not only look beautiful in their space but also be meaningful to them. After they take the questionnaire, I send them recommendations and a mock-up of the artwork in their space. From there, I help with framing decisions and how to install the piece. It’s really an A-Z guide but all done virtually.


What are the most important things to consider when purchasing art for your home?

First and foremost, buy what you love. If you truly love the piece then you can’t go wrong. Working with an art advisor though helps with the questions that come up when purchasing a new work. How big should it be? How should it be framed? How high should the piece be hung? What’s the right ratio when you’re hanging an artwork above a piece of furniture? All of these questions are answered easily when working an advisor. Like I said, it takes all of the guesswork out of the process.


Any secret tips for framing and arranging art?

One tip I love, is when you’re putting together a gallery wall. Variety is key. Switch up the mediums, styles and shapes, but find continuity in the framing. 


Who are some of your favorite artists?

Well, you, of course. I also love seeing what Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) is making on a daily basis through his Instagram account. Instagram has become this amazing way to find new and exciting artists to work with. I also love following illustrator Laura Palmer (@xolp) and painter Lola Donoghue (@Loladonoghue). 


What are three of your favorite places to find art online?

Etsy is still a major place for me to find great artists. I also love going to Great.ly and Minted.com when working on a budget for clients.


Large art or small art?

Lately, I’ve been all about the big BIG artwork framed in acrylic. Such an eye-catching look and the acrylic really lets the art be the star of the show.

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