I'm so excited to share with you a new series I've been working on, the "Color Field" series. I've created a series of original pieces, along with fine art prints. This series - like much of my work - is inspired by color and pattern found in nature. I used bold, solid contrasting strokes to elicit a spark of feeling in the viewer.  I like to explore the different energy and feelings created when many colors are combined together in much of my work, but in this series, I've simplified the palette, experimenting with choosing a few select hues to communicate. These pieces - like little jewels - refer to the iridescent, shimmering gem-like gifts that nature leaves behind: sapphires, diamonds, rubies, crystals and quartz. The inspiration for this series hit me one magical evening when I was outside playing in the newly fallen snow with my son and was just mesmerized by the way the snow was sparkling in just the moonlight. What was barren and dirty was suddenly heavenly with the blanket of snow that had just filled the landscape. 

This is just the beginning of this new direction in my work. And I'm so grateful for the response it has received from all of you. The majority of the pieces sold before I could even finish posting to my site...yay! There are just a couple left, but I am working to translate this to large pieces and will share these as well as soon as they are ready.


 I also really loved the pieces before they were coated in the crystals and glitter, and decided to make these in to fine art reproductions. The bold, simplicity of these "color fields" will transcend you out of the everyday.