Art Collecting 101: Keeping the Right Frame in Mind for your Artwork

It’s all how you frame it: this isn’t just an “ism” for life. It’s really good advice for art collectors, too. A frame provides its own visual appeal, complements the artwork, and creates a safe, time-, weather-, and kid-resistant home for your chosen masterpiece. Art without a frame is sort of like a turtle without its shell.

If you’ve been in an art museum lately, you might have frames pegged as gaudy, gold-gilded wood frames carved with flourish-filled floral patterns. But if you’re drawn to a more contemporary style for your personal art collection, this iconic frame style might—justifiably—feel like a look that detracts from, rather than enhances, your artwork. Luckily, there’s a whole world of options for framing beyond golden flower power.

Taking the time to frame correctly will pay dividends in the long run by protecting your work now, and making it more sellable in the future, if you choose to release it from your collection. Bringing your art to a local framer, (online reviews can be helpful if you don’t yet have a trusted go-to) will allow you to have a conversation about your overall budget, mat colors in relation to your wall paint or paper, environmental concerns like light and humidity, the aesthetics of any neighboring frames, and how you’d like to hang the work, in addition to the selection of the frame itself.

Kristi Kohut Studio Framing Originals

The right frame will enhance your artwork by defining the boundary between the art and the rest of the room, and complementing the colors, textures, patterns, and materials used in the artwork. Whether going with a totally minimal clear float frame, a bold black rectangle with a large mat, or a pink lucite shadow box (a Kristi Kohut studio favorite!), finding the perfect frame will make you and your artwork look and feel good.


If you’re shopping for originals, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you. Original works by Kristi Kohut include custom frames that have been carefully selected and custom-fitted to enhance and protect their treasured contents. Want to know more about our framing options for prints? Pop right over to our FAQ for frames and we’ll get all your questions answered.