The Magic of Color


I’ve always connected to the world in color.

From childhood, hues flashed to me like a spark: the red strawberries in the garden hanging toward green grass, the blue of summer sky against a ripple of darker blue water, or a shiny ROYGBIV beetle on top of matte textured bark. Every glance is a rainbow, drawing me in and fueling my energy. That’s especially true professionally: Color drives and defines my art.


Like a mix master, I love to layer colors to create harmonious combinations.

The color spectrum is my musical scale, and paintings are my songs. My favorite is to light up a canvas with vibrant brights and combines tones in unexpected ways. Neons juxtapose with faded neutrals, pastels provide a counterpoint to primaries, dark lives with saturated, and all color wheel rules are thrown out the window. Anything is possible. As long as it brings a zing of joy, the choice is right.

Kaleidoscopic inspiration can come from anywhere: bold architecture, natural landscapes, patterns in a piece of fruit, a fashion runway... But more than anything, schemes come instinctively, welling up from my technicolor soul and creating worlds of magic.


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