Get ready, because this Inspired section is about to get super beefed up. I've decided to starting writing features that debunk two of the most bogus myths out there....1. That only some of us are creative and 2. The myth of the starving artist. The world needs the creativity and joy of each and every one of us now more than ever. It's time to push through that inner voice saying you certainly can't do it and show the world the inner creative genius that you are. I'm going to be featuring each week a new CREATIVE GIANT that inspires me....someone that is out there in the arena staring fear down and making it happen.


Creative Giants are amazing, fearless women who are out their kicking ass, making their creative dreams come through. They are inspiring and not afraid to fail, mess up as this just shows them the way to keep moving forward and rock what they are doing even more. They’ve been to the edge and they’ve taken the leap and now there’s no stopping the possibilities of what they CAN MAKE HAPPEN. 


Each week, I will also explore another new series on "How to be an Artist" in which I will share inspiration and tips on how to get out there and break through that ridiculous starving artist myth and live your creative dream. Now since there is no road map for this, and boy do I wish there was, I will share things I've learned so far, mistakes I've made, how other artists are rocking it and things I hope to learn myself. We will figure this thing out together, learning and inspiring each other as we go. It's time people. We can do this. Let's make it happen!! To kick us off, here is the very first installment of CREATIVE GIANTS....



I just had to start with these two amazing women. They were so crucial to inspiring me when I was standing at the precipice......deciding if fear or passion was going to win out and if I’d make that biggest step of all toward the unknown crazy world of following that big dream. I love these ladies so much. Before I became an artist, I worked at Ogilvy and Mather, a big ad agency, working as an art director and print, tv and branding campaigns. Among one of the many reasons why I loved this job was that I got to work with some pretty incredible people...the type of people that made you think you hit the jackpot when you get to pull an all nighter and crash at the holiday inn in your building for an hour and getting to eat California Pizza kitchen takeout for the fifth time that week.  Amidst this intense, non-stop creative environment, Courtney and Christine proved that on top of that, the whole "if only I had more time, I would..." seriously doesn't apply because really you can make time to do the things you love you just have to get over it and just do it...and in their not so spare time they created this amazing, witty brand that started with making greeting cards seriously cool and became this full fledge brand that continuously turns out surprising, witty messages that will make you keep coming back for more. 

I have an especially sweet spot in my heart because during my stint as a "stay-at-home-mom/homemaker" they helped me keep my creative juices flowing and hired me to do freelance work in between tennis matches, diaper changes and trips to Starbucks. And when it was my time to make one of the first steps in becoming an artist and launching a business of my own, they kindly gave me the much needed shove off that safe, secure branch. If you haven’t heard of NB yet, get are going to love them! You are going to want to buy cards just because it is Tuesday...seriously amazing stuff. And they were gracious enough to share some of their secrets on what inspires them and how they make it happen. So soak it up...I hope these guys inspire you to go make your own dreams happen...cause you can....



Were you creative/artistic as a kid? What were you like?

Yes, I would say so. I wrote and illustrated my own stories in the first grade. I still have my fave called, There’s an Elephant in my Bathtub. My mother was a reading teacher, and instilled a love of books in me.

Where do you find inspiration?

The culture. For sure in stand up comedy which I love and listen to often. I also have an ear out for it everyday. People say such sharp funny, unexpected things. Even a word, or a turn of a phrase. I will take it and think, how can that idea be made into a card?

what's the Best piece of creative advice you've received?

Kill your babies. Harsh I know, but a good reminder to not get too attached. It goes hand in hand, with ‘once the client buys something you love, then get to work.’ This notion of letting work evolve and grow and be willing to walk away and start over is important. When you dig your heels in and get too precious with it, the work suffers




Do you ever face fear or self doubt in your creative process?

Constantly. Fear is a good motivator. I’m learning more to trust my gut more. You can just feel when something is hitting it and you know deep down when it isn’t. Really important to listen to the sub chatter inside.

How do you overcome it?

I walk away from it for a while and try to come back with fresh eyes. Or I ask Courtney and 99% of the time she confirms what I am feeling about the work, but haven’t been able to articulate. There is no substitute for a trusted opinion. 


Here they are "just hanging" with Naught Betty fan, Grey's Anatomy star, Chandra Wilson. 

Here they are "just hanging" with Naught Betty fan, Grey's Anatomy star, Chandra Wilson. 

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Think big. Don’t be afraid to look stupid or weird. That’s where originality starts.

Who's work are you loving right now?

Right now, I am having a Stephen Colbert moment. The writing on his show is hysterical, and his delivery gets me every time.

I also just saw some great photography from Rosina Ressia. She combines portraits of old world women with modern twist…eating a hamburger, or wearing something silly. I love the justaposition of these two worlds. It’s so whimsical and unexpected. I am emailing her to try and get a print for my living room. My family will think I’m weird, which is awesome.


So please, go check them out, buy lots of cards and go make your own dream happen!