Becoming an art collector and building up your collection doesn't have to be intimidating or require traveling all over, making trips to fancy galleries. The art world is changing, making it easier than ever for budding collectors to connect with artists from all over the world, no matter what city you live it. This is a win win for both the artist and the collector. As an artist, I can put my work in front of a bigger audience through my online network and as a collector, you can find work that speaks to you and find a pieces that are perfect for your collection by linking with the artist directly through their website or Instagram account. This is such an exciting time and I've loved seeing some of the big name collectors and celebrities that are leading this new trend. 

Blake Lively has snagged up the work of two of my favorite artists that are out there rocking it, showing the world their work, going their own way. And showing that as a collector you can build your collection with exciting, next-big-thing/current-big thing, works directly from the artist, no matter where you live. 

Lively recently announced her enthusiasm and love for the work of artist Megan Coonelly via her Instagram account, snapping a photo of her recent purchase of a large, shimmering pop-art style painting of Dolly Parton wit the caption "Dolly is my new molly ✨😍✨ @megancoonellyart, you rock."

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 9.13.57 AM.png

Lively is famously also a fan/collector of one of my FAVORITE artists, Ashley Longshore. Seriously, I'm a bit obsessed with her work and her authentic, witty personality. She is such a rockstar and is leading this trend of making big waves in the art world, sans the big name gallery. If you don't follow her on Instagram already, please do, she will make you smile and laugh. Lively is not only a collector of her work, but she's been known to drop by the artist's studio for some one-on-one painting lessons with the artist herself. 


In a recent article in Vanity Fair, Ashley spoke about her vision of this new art world.

“We’ve eliminated the prestige of the gallery,” Longshore says. “The thing that is so much more prestigious now is to find your artists, to be friends with them, to see what’s going on.”


“Everybody wants to be the cool person who finds somebody,” Longshore SAYS IN THE PIECE. “So I think that whole element of discovery is cool. It’s also what’s cool about social media.”

The world is of the art collector has opened up in a big way. Blake Lively's advice on how she chooses the art she collects...

“It’s simple—I’m drawn to work that makes me happy. Your pieces become your friends. You see them every day, in your home. They must make you feel good,” Lively wrote to Vanity Fair.