Okay so you’re ready to purchase some art for your home, studio, loft, office, anywhere. YAY! We want to help you curate that space. So let’s discuss what matters when picking out the perfect pieces.


1. Art is a chance to be bold

While you may choose neutral soft furnishings. Art allows us the chance to be creative, take a risk and make a statement. Finding a piece that catches your eye and tells a story to you is what matters. You need to feel moved and inspired. When you purchase art for your home your's is the only opinion that matters.  


2. Get to know the artist

Social Media offers us so many opportunities to see a personal side of people. If you want to get to know the artist. Start following them. The investment of the original piece of art will become more personal if you are able to share some of their story. If you’re purchasing a reproduction ask the artist to embellish it. This is an affordable way to add the artists hand to your piece and make it original for you. 


3. Have a goal for your room 

We spoke with interior designer and owner, Vicki Lidstrom of Leggy Bird Designs, about how she chooses art for her home.“I always think about the goal of the room. How I want it to make me feel. When I did my basement I wanted it to be moody and warm. I wanted it inviting because it’s a basement but I wanted to encourage people to stay and have a glass of wine. But my bedroom,  I wanted a serene space. I chose neutral bedding, with small pops of color on the walls. Art should represent who you are and be the perfect accessory. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Find the right mix of fine, street, and art reproductions.”


4. Invest in the Frame

Framing can make or break that piece you just purchased.   Don’t spend all your money on the art and not think about how it should be framed. While a black and white sketch may call for a bold ornate frame. In contrast, a bold piece may just need a modern simple frame. One of my favorite pieces in my home is a self portrait my son painted. It deserved a frame. A beautiful gold frame that showcased his original work.


5. Be the gallery owner

Look at your space as your personal gallery. Invest in art that makes you happy. Choosing an original piece of art can be overwhelming. But you already have the clues to where you should be investing. Do you follow the artist? Have you been obsessing over their art? Does it invoke emotion? If you are answers are yes. Take the plunge. Don’t wait. Maybe you are in love with an artists work but the colors aren’t quite right. Reach out and find out about getting a piece commissioned. Most artists are willing to work with clients to help them create the look they are envisioning. Remember, you are the gallery owner of your home.


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