Natural vs. Material


A key theme in my work is the juxtaposition of the natural and material worlds

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In so many ways, life imitates the earth: city lights echo the sun; manufactured sequins mirror a watery landscape’s iridescence; printed fabrics on runways feature flora and fauna… My work often explores how nature creates an awe-inspiring foundation for people, and in turn how people make beautiful things from their imagination to fulfill themselves.

As a former advertising art director, I’m fascinated by beauty in its many definitions and forms. I’m especially drawn to bold elements in pop culture: modern restaurants with unusual architecture, impactful typography and text treatments, luxury fashion designs by Mary Katrantzou and Alexander McQueen, and mind-bending exhibits, such as Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim.


The World is Beautiful available for purchase


This tension between natural and man-made shows up in my art in subtle ways — like a synthetic Lucite frame encasing a nature-inspired work of art — to more overt examinations. In recent mixed-media, I incorporated a vintage Gucci scarf featuring a floral print, inspired by a Botticelli painting and originally made for Grace Kelly — combined with nature-inspired references like glitter and actual elements from nature: butterflies and leaves. All meant to provoke reflection, both for me and the viewer.


New Originals from the Studio


The World is Beautiful

available for purchase

If You Have to Have it, Get it Before Anyone Else Does


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