For the Love of Nature

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Nature is by far my favorite artist. I often spend time outdoors, taking in the natural world, marveling at colors, patterns and symmetry and internalizing them for inspiration — from dappled marble and squiggly agate lines to shimmering glaciers and iridescent birds. These elements are echoed throughout my work, whether as transforming opalescent colors in a tray or as sparkling glitter brushed methodically on a painting.


Beyond aesthetics, I aim to connect my work to ideas one sees in nature: the surprise of bare winter branches turning into blooming trees; patterns in molecules that exist but aren’t obvious to the naked eye; the innate order of the Fibonacci sequence seen in delphiniums, pineapples and nautilus shells… It all inspires deeper context and thinking behind my work.


This can be seen most recently in my Symphonic Atlas series, featuring mixed media of frosty white fields and brightly hued organic lines meandering off each canvas’ edge. Are these abstract aerial views of geological landscapes or micro-impressions of crystals and the human body? Further to that, I love to leave the true meaning a bit ambiguous and unclear whether these works reflect contained, finite moments or small snapshots of something larger that continues. No matter how it’s interpreted, I hope the series challenges perception and invites questioning.


Take a peek at some of my favorite natural inspiration on Pinterest


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