This is my Passion

I’ve loved creating ever since I was a little girl. I remember sitting at my little white, wooden desk as a kid for hours upon hours, playing with my palette of watercolors. It was so much more than fun—it was an energy and a happiness that I could feel. I’d get lost just in the process of making something.

And for me, making art is truly a passion.


I believe that we all have a gift inside each of us that we’re meant to share with the world. Something, big or small, that gives us a special purpose, and our life an even greater meaning.


My gift is making art that takes you out of your everyday and into my magical world.

Trust me when I tell you that my mixed media pieces will mesmerize you. With an array of unexpected materials and colors, I want my art to inspire joy in the viewer. Contrasting textures of glossy acrylic paint and chalky pastel swirl with thick, velvety smudges of oil paint and iridescent blends. The magic touch? A surprising finish, be it an accent of crystals or a butterfly in flight.


I hope you’ll let me share my passion with you. 

Embrace my art and let it lift you might be surprised how magical that connection can feel.