This is why you shouldn’t buy art

When a lot of collectors buy art, they calculate the wow factor of a piece on whether it’s considered a “sure thing,” not whether they feel emotionally connected to it. The exclusivity of the piece, the status of it among collectors, how much its worth (and could be worth), are all foremost in their minds. They fear their investment won’t be worthwhile, so they strategize how to make it an almost for-sure, will-never-regret-this-one thing.


But that’s so, so wrong. Don’t buy art because you’re afraid.

Look, life is full of surprises. An emotional reaction to a piece of art might be one of them, too. The power of art is its ability to feel different to everyone, to transform over time and carve a place in your life even if you weren’t expecting it to.

Ashton Scurr, blogger and collector

Ashton Scurr, blogger and collector


Forget the fear. Relinquish regret. Go with your gut.

Buy art that makes you smile from the inside out. The sure thing might not be your thing. The next big artist whose making waves might not be making waves for you. So what? Invest in art for you and you have nothing to be afraid of. The piece that brings joy to your life and lifts you out of your every day is priceless. 

See what I mean over here and just let the magic happen.