This isn’t a dream. This is my life.

Spending your 20s in the ad world is totally breathless and exciting, even if it’s not quite like a TV show. Putting in late nights, pitching innovative and awesome ideas, pivoting in the blink of an eye—it’s an energy that pumps through your veins, for better or for worse.

But when my son was born, I knew I didn’t want to miss a single precious moment with him so I made a move that surprised even me: I decided to leave the agency life and stay at home with him. Little did I know, I’d be leaving one hustle to start my own, one that I love even more than the one I left.


With a new baby at home, my husband encouraged me to put a small studio in our garage. I bought some supplies, and wham! The moment I picked up that brush, something in me sparked. I felt a joy, a contentment, that I had never known before. That moment was magic.

I know, I know—that moment was also serendipity to a T. Not everyone will find they’re calling in creating art, but that’s why I do it. I want you to feel the magic that I felt, too, with every piece of mine you see. I want you to lift out of your everyday however you can and find the joy in my art.


Fast forward 10 years, and I’m creating and innovating with an excitement that not even the ad world can match. Good thing I listened to my husband, right?


That studio I keep talking about?

Come take a look for yourself over here.