This isn’t a dream. This is my life.

I’ve loved creating ever since I was a little girl. I remember sitting at my little white, wooden desk as a kid for hours upon hours, playing with my palette of watercolors. It was so much more than fun—it was an energy and a happiness that I could feel. I’d get lost just in the process of making something.

And for me, making art is truly a passion.


10 years ago, if you told me I’d have my own studio, I’d think you were dreaming. You see, I spent my 20s in the mad world of advertising (minus Don Draper), and it was totally breathless and exciting. But when my son was born, I knew I didn’t want to miss those precious moments with him so I decided to leave the agency hustle and stay at home with him. Little did I know, I’d be starting my own hustle, one that I love even more than the one I left. I put a small studio in our home, bought some supplies, and wham! The moment I picked up that brush, something in me sparked. I felt a joy, a contentment, that I had never known before. That moment was magic. And that’s what I create my art to convey to you—that same magic moment. With bold, brights colors in agate-inspired patterns and shimmering, crystallized layers of mixed-media, I want my art to lift you out of your everyday and into my magical world. Let it.

That studio I keep talking about?

Come take a look for yourself over here.