“Hey Kristi! What’s your inspiration?”


This is hands down my favorite question!

No two inspirations are alike. And there isn’t some sort of divine intervention that descends and gives me ideas (at least, I don’t think there is!).

For me, if I’m not actively searching the world for inspiration, I’m dreaming up new things (in my sleep, literally). It’s amazing how my subconscious can keep creating, even while my body rests. There seriously are times when a painting pops into my head, fully-formed, and I have to get it down as quickly as humanly possible. (Because, yeah, that image will pop out of my head as quickly as it popped in!) And then there are other times when it’s the exact opposite, and I have no idea what I’m going to make. All I do is pick up a brush and see what happens. Sometimes just letting the piece become what it wants is inspiration in itself.


It’s incredible how I can wake up with a vision of a piece one day, and then just toil away for hours the next, hiding unfinished (and, at that moment, ridiculous-to-me) work in a closet to revisit later. Yes, the back of my studio closet, where pieces go to live in limbo, is also a pretty constant source of inspiration.

My graveyard of work is actually more often than not a garden ripe with ideas. It’s not unusual for me to take out a piece I tossed in the closet years after the fact and find new life in it. With a bit of rediscovery and tweaking, these are the pieces that become my favorites.

I want to create so much, that I really treasure my originals. I know the love and care and time that goes into them, and that makes them all the more special to me.


Plus, let’s not forget the importance of the magic art creates.

There’s an immediate reward when I create something: happiness. The materials I use have roots in nature, shimmering and crystallizing as they create unexpected textures and patterns. They’re elements that feel new but also familiar, brightening up the world while creating a magic that takes you out of your everyday and lifts your spirit. And that magic—powerful and joyful and mesmerizing—is my purest inspiration.