How to Lucite Framed Prints



Your art comes with French cleats for hanging. All of the hardware needed to hang the piece is included in the shipment, along with hanging instructions.

The "french cleat" is attached to the back to show how it fits, just remove the tape and that's the "cleat" you use to hang the piece on the wall. We recommend using long screws and anchors to hang the cleat. Make sure its level, hold the cleat against the wall with the high side facing OUT (so the frame can "hang" over it) and mark the three holes. Then insert the anchors and then screw the cleat into the wall. And Viola! The frame will fit right on top like a puzzle piece, secure and flush with the wall. And if you are more visual like me, there's also a lot of great videos on YouTube if you google french cleat. 

Couple of other things to keep in mind in the care and hanging of your piece:

 -Moisture, heat and humidity - be sure to keep your art in a place without excessive moisture and heat. This can cause the adhesion of the paint to weaken.

-Linen backing - your paintings are framed with a beautiful linen backing. This is a natural fiber and any major changes in the heat and humidity can cause the fabric to swell and ripple. This will usually resolve itself when the temperature returns to normal, but we recommend keeping the temperature controlled.

-Dusting and cleaning: we recommend using Sparkle Glass cleaner. Do not use anything with ammonia as it will scratch acrylic. Use a very soft, like a cloth diaper, to clean with. If scratches occur, we recommend using NOVUS, this is a great product for acrylic.

Kristi Kohut Studio/Hapi Art and Pattern LLC bears no responsibility or liability for the installation of our products.