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Our classic wallpaper has been designed to bring our art to life through outstanding print quality, deep, rich colors, and crisp resolution, on a durable, tear-resistant paper. We use the same printing process as my fine art giclees, lending to a rich, highly-detailed paper. 


Apply using a standard, pre-mixed wallpaper adhesive, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Apply using a dry or damp cloth. Please note, using too much paste or water during the application process can cause the ink to bleed, so please exercise caution.


We suggest not getting the materials wet due to the ink being water based. Wash gently with a damp cloth.


In order to allow the repeats to align perfectly, there will be a hair-line border that needs to be trimmed or overlapped during installation.



Our wall fabric has been designed to bring our art to life through outstanding print quality, deep, rich colors, and crisp resolution. Apply to nearly any surface and remain adhered for either short-term or long-term use. This paper is removable and reusable and will not leave sticky residue on the wall after removal.

Installation Instructions:

Pick a clean, smooth, and dry surface to customize. When applying your print to painted walls, we recommend making sure that the wall has been primed before painting. Without a primer layer, the paint may come off when removed. With newly painted surfaces, we recommend allowing 30-45 days for the wall to fully dry. If not, you may experience bubbling in the material.

If used on a pebbled or textured, or very porous surface—brick, cement, stucco, etc—may result in poor adhesion, though we have seen this work well in many cases. We recommend testing the proposed area first.

Before applying, we recommend using a damp cloth (lint-free, ideally) to thoroughly clean the surface and allow it to completely dry. Fingerprints, dust, dirt and other normal things that collect on walls can negatively impact proper adhesion and could result in premature failure of the adhesive. We do not recommend using chemicals to clean the wall, or if you must, make sure that they are completely removed before applying the material to your surface.

Tips: If you use your hand for smoothing make sure your hands are clean and dry or wear cotton gloves. If you are working with a large printed piece, it will be helpful to have two people install it. Depending on the size, we like to have one person pull down the backer, while the other smooths the print down to the wall. If there are any bubbles or wrinkles, you can lightly press or smooth them out, or simply peel back that area and re-apply. Being very aggressive may cause ink to smudge due to the natural oils on your hands, this tends to only happen with high density black inks within your print. 

Start at the top of your print. Pull down about 6 inches of the back liner and crease it to keep it out of the way. Try not to let the adhesive come together and fold up on itself. Fabric Wall Cling was specially designed to withstand this error during the application process and you can gently peel apart, but definitely try to minimize this. Begin to apply the exposed adhesive area to your surface. It can be repositioned if needed, to achieve proper alignment. Once you have proper alignment, continue to slowly pull the back liner downward in 4 - 6" increments; smoothing the print down as you go.


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Kristi Kohut Studio/Hapi Art and Pattern LLC bears no responsibility or liability for the installation of our products.