Original wall sculpture on wood, created with mixed media. Part of my "BLOOM" series. This is the anthem work of this series. piece is inspired by the inherent beauty in the natural and commercial world and explores the themes of beauty and consumerism and how we internalize the myriad of visual and thematic messages we receive on a daily basis.

Comprised of hundreds of hand-cut flowers from my original collage work, created from illustrations, photography, magazine clippings, clothing tags, found paper, ink, pastels and more. Coated in cut glass glitter and backed with shimmery iridescent acrylic.

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":Love the colors and goes with my house. Looked at it for ages and then finally bought it. But something you love! I adore it." - Megan Lindberg, Collector


"The piece I have makes me feel whimsical. It keeps my eye busy and relaxed at the same time. It’s modern and and give me a sense of ease because I feel like it represents me. Everyone who comments on the art loves it." - Rebecca Hart, Collector



"All three original pieces I have of yours have been PERFECT! I love the colors and the glitter. I watch your work on Instagram and wait for the ones that I love, that will fit in my home, to come available. I have my eye on a Chromatic Symphony piece next! I love having original artwork - it makes me feel like a successful grownup - but one that can still enjoy a touch of whimsy with the fun, vibrant, pieces." - Jordan Blakesley, Collector


"I have a large original over my fireplace and a small original from when she was first starting. I also have 2 framed prints. Because art is expensive, I want to make sure it's a piece that I really love and that I won't get sick of it over time. [The art] hangs right in the middle of our main room and I love it. It's whimsical, free, and just makes me happy. I tend to like straight lines in my furniture and not a lot of color on my walls, so I really like Kristi's pops of color and abstract shapes." - Debbie Trob, Collector