BLOOM #1 30”x40”x8” AND BLOOM #2 30”x40”x8”

Part of my "Imagine" series. This piece is inspired by the inherent beauty in the natural and commercial world and explores the themes of beauty and consumerism and how we internalize the myriad of visual and thematic messages we receive on a daily basis.

Comprised of hundreds of hand-cut flowers from my original collage work, created from illustrations, photography, magazine clippings, clothing tags, found paper, ink, pastels, butterflies and more. Coated in gut glass glitter and backed with shimmery iridescent acrylic. Custom framed in lucite shadow box. Ready to hang. Can be hung vertically or horizontally.

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These works are truly an interactive experience and so hard to capture with still photography. View the video below for a more realistic idea of what these dazzling works are like in person!