The Artist & The Studio

From shimmering, crystalized, layers of color, to bold agate-inspired work, Kristi Kohut’s art makes a statement that instantly lifts the viewer out of the every day and into her magical world. When Kristi isn’t working in her studio, she can be found discussing collaborations with big brands and designers, reviewing test prints of new textile and wallpaper designs, or spending time on her favorite secluded island in the BVI, working on her newest body of work. 

Kristi is part of a group of artists that are carving out a new path in the art world and selling direct to the collector online and via social media. Her original works often sell out within moments of posting to her website or Instagram. And collectors often are on her waitlist to obtain one of her ever-popular 3D “Bloom” series or their very own custom commissioned work.

Kristi’s cut-flower “Bloom” series, captures our culture’s obsession with beauty, brands and material status. These 3D collage pieces often incorporate found materials such as high-fashion clothing tags and torn bits of fashion magazines, along with original photography, sketches and illustrations.

The bold, vibrant color palettes of Kristi’s mixed-media work is sought-after by interior designers, collectors and big brands such as Anthropologie and West Elm. Inspired by natures use of color and pattern, she uses color like a composer uses notes in a song, to elicit a feeling in these pieces. Kristi was named one of the “7 next-big-thing artists” by Elle Decor magazine and her work has been sold at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Architecture Digest Home Show, Anthropologie, West Elm, Nordstrom and more and has been featured in numerous national and interional publications and design blogs including Domino Magazine, HGTV, Luxe Interiors and Design, World of Interiors, Martha Stewart, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Lonny and more. 

In addition to her fine art practice, Kristi is pushing the traditional confines of the art world, and has expanded her work into a home line that is already a favorite of many interior designers. The line includes bold, vibrant linen textiles, pillows, poufs and most recently wall coverings, all created from her original artwork and fully-customizable. 


Artist Statement

My work is influenced by color and pattern in the world all around us. A permeating crack on the sidewalk, the vibrant layers of agate rock, the exotic clothing of a faraway place, are my muses. I love the color and effect created when unexpected colors and textures are combined. The glossiness of an acrylic paint next to the chalky texture of a pastel. Or an iridescent blend next to a thick, velvety smudge of oil pigment.

My process is an intuitive dance of play, working until I find just the right combination of color and texture. I know when it is done, when it elicits a feeling inside, a zing, a ping of joy or pleasure that often comes with that final touch or pop of color, suddenly transforming the piece. That feeling is a connection to something more, something that is not of the day-to-day routine of life. The antithesis of routine. A hint at what's on the other side of this world.



Kristi has been featured in Domino, Rue, HGTV Magazine, World of Interiors, House and Garden Magazine, Lonny, Design Sponge, Glitter Guide, and numerous blogs.