My process is very intuitive. I start by feeding my head. Looking at the world around me for inspiration. I love design and fashion blogs. I'm obsessed with the visual candy of pinterest, instagram and tumblr. There is beauty everywhere. My work is influenced by color and pattern in the natural world and in the commercial world. A permeating crack on the sidewalk, the vibrant layers of an agate rock, the mix of color that randomly pops up on my pinterest board, the exotic clothing of a faraway place, are my muses.

It is an intuitive dance of play, working until I find just the right combination of color and texture. I know when it is done when it elicits a feeling inside, a zing, a ping of joy or pleasure that often only comes with that final touch or pop of color, suddenly transforming the piece.That feeling is a connection to something more, something that is not of the day-to-day routine of life. The antithesis of routine. A hint at what's on the other side of this world. The something more we feel ourselves longing for. For me, making art is to touch the divine. The hidden force that turns a nut into a tree, makes your hear sing when your baby smiles, puts you at that exact spot that you hadn't planned on being at, right in front of your soulmate. There is magic and mystery all around us. Beauty everywhere. If we can just open our eyes and look. That's what I am trying to capture. I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it brings me in creating it. 

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