FOR PIECES UP TO 30"x40"   |   With its block profile and its smooth, unembellished design, the Gallery is our most popular frame. The version is in a clean, bright matte white. We love how the white makes the vivid colored pieces in our shop really pop, which is why we use it so much. And the contemporary streamlined design doesn’t compete with the art and lets it easily integrate into any type of décor style. Available in matte white and black finishes. 100% wood. 3/4" Face, 1-1/4" Deep.



FOR PIECES 30"x40" AND LARGER   |   Our Gallery Deep frame has a slightly larger, chunkier block profile than our Gallery frame, but features the same smooth, matte black finish. A frame like this one, with a larger profile, we find ideal for the larger works of art that we sell in our shop, for that added depth perception and a more artistic display. The matte color is great if you are looking to slightly ground our more colorful pieces. Available in matte white and black finishes. 100% wood. 1" Face, 2-1/4" Deep.



FOR PIECES UP TO 30"x40"   |   Elegant but subtle, this frame features a narrow edging, with a clean, sloped profile leading into a beautiful linear detailing. With a matte finish of layered tones of antique gold, this beautiful frame adds a touch of iconic elegance and works really well when grouping art, or using as part of an art gallery wall. 1” Face, 7/8” Deep.



FOR PIECES 30"x40" AND LARGER   |   This frame is inspired by the iconic Hudson River School of class American painters. The extra wide edging with a raised bevel gives it an understated luxury, while its lightly distressed appearance gives it an old world charm, especially in this beautiful vintage gold finish. It offers a interesting contrast when framing our contemporary pieces, giving it an entirely new impression, and the gold really makes the colors come alive in a completely different way. Also available in Vintage Silver. Frame intentionally has an imperfect finish featuring slight dings and markings. 100% wood. 1 ¾” Face, 1 3/8” Deep.



Our Lucite shadow box is an ultra modern way to frame your piece, great for any contemporary space or as an eclectic contrast to a more traditional style. It is custom made to fit your artwork as the piece is floated over white linen for a truly art gallery-style display. We absolutely love the glossy look it brings to our pieces. 2.5” Deep.



This narrow profile is the perfect complement to your canvas without detracting from its beauty. Each canvas is hand-stretched and attached inside the frame so that it appears to "float" with 1/4" of space between the edge of your canvas and the inside of the frame. 1/4" Face, 1" Deep on the sides. Canvas will be stretched around 3/4" deep wood stretchers. Available in White, Black and Luxe Silver.





You have the option to have your artwork printed onto Cotton Rag, a thick textured, fine art paper that has a rich, velvety feel. Made of 100% cotton, we love the subtle, slight bumpy texture it gives to our artwork and adds that little extra bit of dimension to the piece. With this paper, you also have the option for your piece to have hand torn edges, for a really artistic display. 100% cotton.



You have the option of having your artwork printed onto Rice Paper. Our fine art rice paper is imported from Japan and is made from an unique mixture of Hemp and Kozo. The light pattern of Su (a screen made from bamboo) on its surface gives a sense of tradition, which is a nice juxtapose to our modern pieces. Again, a really nice option if you want to add a little more texture to the piece. This paper comes with classic, straight edges. Manila hemp 20%, 80% wood pulp. Weight 125g/m2.



You have the option to have your artwork printed onto our archival grade, OBA-free canvas gallery wraps. These are printed using the same fine art, giclee-based printing as our fine art prints, using only archival-based inks. Each velvety-canvas is coated with a matte varnish that protects against UV light and prevents scuffing, fading and protects canvas in humid environments and is is 100+ years archival certified. 



We take fabric very serious, so we import our luxurious linen fabric from Libeco, Belgium, renown “masters of linen” that have been in business since 1858. The actual printing of our artwork onto the linen takes place here in the USA with a lot of care to ensure that it is flawlessly transferred onto this gorgeous fabric, and the colors are maintained. All of our fabric is sold by the yard. We also have samples available to order. Available in a linen/cotton blend and 100% oyster linen.