If you are going to invest in some new art, might as well go big and make a statement. This series sets you up to create an eye-catching gallery wall that is sure to be the conversation piece at your next dinner party. 

From the Symphonic Atlas Series - this set of four original works are not your average artworks. Created on sheets of dichroic, iridescent acrylic, and coated with cut glass, glass glitter and Swarovski crystals, these 3D interactive pieces are multilayered, allowing the viewer to view through the top layer through to another layer of crystals and glass. The luminescence changes as the viewer moves around the piece as light reflects on the acrylic and crystals. 

Comes custom-framed in a lucite shadow box. Piece is "floated" over linen backing. Ready to hang. Each piece measures 12x16 (15.5x19.5 framed)

Ship in 1-2 weeks.

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