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Liz lidgett, gallery owner & art consultant (

HEAVENLY PALETTE 2, love shack

and be vibrant)

Why she loves these…

“Such a beautiful mixture of color and is a showstopper that people comment on every time we have a party.”

“Owning an original is so special because you can connect with the artist by seeing the artist’s hand at work. I love getting in close while looking at an artwork, looking for brush strokes or pencil marks, and then stepping back to see the work as a whole. Of course, when it’s an original, it’s also special because no one else in the world will own a piece quite like yours.”


nikki stinson, collector

(original art, framed prints, drapes, poufs and pillows)

“The original pieces and patterned have brought the rooms they live in to life! Kristi has an amazing gift of combining vibrant color combinations with such joyful movement. Her art is intriguing and so unique, I find it brightens any room instantly. Her work fills my home with pure happiness.”

Fears that held me back from buying: Will I like it once I buy it? Will I tire of the pattern? Will it go with the rest of the design elements in the room?

“All were better in person. I absolutely love walking into a room and seeing your patterns and colors pop against more neutral pieces of furniture. Your pieces are the centerpiece. You are a joy to work with, so personable and kind. Your heart radiates through your work!”

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Andrea Lavinthal, editor, People Magazine (

do it anyway, free, in your dreams poufs)

"Everyone who walks into my apartment, immediately comments on the colorful prints."


ryan kay urech, collector (multiple originals, pillows, drapes, poufs and a custom rug)

“It really is “happy art”. It brings so much color and lightness to my home. I always get compliments on the colors! So much more dynamic and beautiful in person. Online you can’t see all the little details. On my collage I’m still finding little words I didn’t know were there before and I love it. Never gets boring. It brings creativity and life to a space. It adds color and interest. It makes my home feel more cheerful and a way for me to add our personalities to our home.”


leslie marx, collector (original 3D bloom art, pillows and wallpaper)

“Just as vibrant in person. Makes me smile every time I walk past or see the piece. And with the wallpaper it was even better! It's such a visual statement you really need to experience in person. Art brings color and images into your life that you might not otherwise experience. I love Kristi's work! It's so bright and happy, what's not to like.”

“All my interactions with Kristi and her work have been seamless, she's amazing!”


hillary cesarone, interior designer

“I am an interior designer, and whenever I am able to incorporate her work, whether it’s a piece of art, wallpaper or pillows, I do so “HAPI-ly”!! Photographs do not do justice to seeing her work in person. Each piece has so much depth and complexity, that you truly fall in love when you are only several feet in front of the piece itself.”



Fears that held me back from buying the art include: Confidence that our choice would be right - that the art would be as awesome in person as in pictures and that it would look in the room just as we hoped it would.

How did the actual piece compare to just seeing it online?1000000 times better! The pieces are simply stunning! They are bright and vibrant - full of funk and personality!

Art adds a mood to a room - truly completes it. It warms up our space in an incredible way.



“It makes me so happy. I really do smile everyone I see it. I actually put it in a spot, different from the spot I purchased it for, so I could see it every.single.day!”

“Art makes a home! People that come into my home, always comment on the beautiful artwork.”



“I followed Kristi on social media and admired her work. I always used very neutral tones in my decor and wasn't sure I was "funky" enough to own such a fun piece.”

“I bought the Love Shack piece as the focus for the living room. I then planned all the decor and color scheme around the artwork. It is the first time I have ever used bright, fun colors and am absolutely loving it!!”

“I have always heard people say art brings out emotion. I did not understand what they meant until I owned a piece of Kristi Kohut's art. It truly makes me happy! I love the designs and I can't help but smile with her color combos!”



"I am literally SHAKING I love it so much. It’s simple, powerful and layered. All things I want to be when I grow up. The colors are the perfect background to my family’s story!”

“I cannot thank you enough! And I want it on my wall immediately. Eternally grateful!”


bianca cords, collector (original symphonic atlas)

“I was looking for something large format and a real statement - it took me forever to decide on your piece but I'm so glad I did!”

How did you feel when it arrived?: “A little nervous to be honest - until the crate got opened and then I was blissful. I am so happy every time I walk by it - it is a physical reaction. Instantly mood-lifting :)”

Any advice for others considering purchasing a piece? Trust your gut!

How do people react when they see the work in your home?: They always comment on it immediately upon coming in the door.


angela sager, collector (commissioned bloom original)

Fears that held me back from buying the art": (Art in general) - getting tired of it over time, is it too much sparkle/color - is it too "loud"? How the plexi would age and whether bits would fall inside it when we move the piece.

How did the actual piece compare to just seeing it online?: SO much better in person, even though the website and photos online are beautiful and captivated me. (The sparkles and textures are so much MORE in person.)

How does it make you feel having it in your home?: So happy! Everyone comments on it, and it's the centerpiece of our home! Kristi's art is organic yet glamorous. It is the right balance of aesthetic and artistic expression.

Why do you think it is important to live with art?: Art is a beacon of creativity and provides daily inspiration. Although art is very personal, good art is universal. It wakes up a room and tells you something about its curators/owners.


jana bek, interior designer

“So many aspects of this sculpture got me excited to layer it into my design! I wanted the apartment to be colorful, bold, unexpected, and elegant, everything the sculpture is! The style of the agate lines and acid colors bring a funky, rock-and-roll element to the space that I was craving.”

“Sculptures are unexpected so makes you take pause. We’re so inundated with imagery these days anything that does that is exciting! A sculpture on a pedestal would be a beautiful way to add interest to a long hall, lonely corner, or dining room.”

megan thomas (lots of kids, 2 dogs and a hall of fame hubby nicknamed the big hurt). she

owns multiple embellished prints…not afraid of color and sparkle!

Before I purchased/commissioned, I felt: In love with her art

How did the actual piece compare to just seeing it online? So much better in person

Everything was amazing. Truthfully I’m not much of an art collector but Honestly all of Kristi’s work makes me feel so happy. Love it so much!”


lindsey meyer, founder/owner of batch

"As a lifelong lover of color, I've always been attracted to Kristi's rainbow-hued works. Her use of various ephemera mixed with sparkle is a happy note to introduce ourselves in New York with. Our home-inspired showroom format is the ideal setting to discover and fall in love with her work. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase her line here at Hudson Yards."



One of the "7-next-big-thing artists." -Elle Decor Magazine


One of "15 Artists to Watch" - My Domaine


“Kohut sources pop culture, fashion, interior design, pattern, rhythm, movement, writing; and above all, the joys associated with color and of forging connections through tonal interplay and original, abstracted form. While certainly drawing inspiration from those who came before her (Rothko, Pollock, Frankenthaler, Murakami), Kristi’s work feels acutely a la mode. Her adulation for hue is unabashed: she is willing to self-indulge with dashes of hot pinks and turquoises, often topped with crystal, glitter or cut glass, trapping light and playfully throwing it back to the viewer like boomeranged confetti. The works invoke a clear-eyed confidence, a turning toward, rather than away from the unique beauties of the 21st century: magazines, plastic, crystal, collage, Instagram, fabric, wallpaper, sculpture - all of Kohut’s imagery connects through color, joy and a fiercely radiant humming. Enjoy these works which fuse grit, beauty and sparkle.” - Curator Amy Graham

"Traditionally galleries have been the gatekeepers to art collectors...Kristi has set out to upset the status quo. She says she's part of a new wave of artists using Instagram to connect directly with collectors and it's working for her." - Rebecca Jarvis, No Limits, ABC News


"Her artwork takes  inspiration from the color and pattern found in nature and she simulates this by playing with mediums and materials." - Felicity Carter, Forbes


"Imbue a room with personality and character with {Kristi's} colorful artwork—it's sure to energize any tired space." -Sophie Miura, My Domaine


"I just passed out...the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!!!!" -Layne Jones Positilion, Designer


"Kristi has an amazing gift of combining vibrant color combinations with such joyful movement. Her art is intriguing and so unique, I find it brightens any room instantly." - Nicole Stinson, Collector


"She is so, unbelievably talented (no, really...you'll want to own every one of her pieces)!" - Devyn Penny, Style Your Biz


"I am literally SHAKING I love it so much. It’s simple, powerful and layered. All things I want to be when I grow up. The colors are the perfect background to my family’s story! I want it on my wall immediately. " -Shannon Stumm, Collector


"Artist Kristi Kohut creates the kind of paintings that can make a room." Chairish


"Everyone who walks into my apartment, immediately comments on the colorful prints." - Andrea Lavinthal, People Magazine


"Kristi’s art, whether it is on fabric or on canvas, is the  “wink” certain rooms need.  Always the standout, no matter what it is paired with." - Michelle Williams, Interior Designer


"I got my piece and it is more beautiful in person that I could have ever imagined.  I absolutely love it. It's Amazing. Thank you!   - Kelly Steinberger, Collector


"For a long time I had been on a hunt to find great patterns with super vibrant colors.  It wasn't until I came across Hapi Art on Instagram that I found exactly what I was searching for.  I was floored when I received actual samples at how beautiful each pattern was in person.  I have been working with Kristi for a few years already and am thrilled at  how her work has helped make my work even better.  I look forward to working with Kristi on more upcoming projects and seeing new designs she creates!"- Melanie Morris, Interior Designer


“Kristi’s piece brought life to our kitchen and brought out the best in our kitchen decor. Every time I walk in and see her art, it  reminds me of the love she put in to create such a special piece. It simply makes me happy.” - Kristen Minsky, Collector

“Kristi Kohut has an eye for colour. Some people take the less is more approach, but in Kristi's case more is definitely more. A lover of nature, Kohut is heavily inspired by natural compositions such as the vibrant layers of agate rock, geographical cross-sections and cellular configuration. Her use of soft materials such as watercolour or pastels let contrasting colours blend seamlessly together, as if they were meant to be.”  - Brandie Ellah, tastemaker/blogger

"Hapi Art is a definite go to for Cara Woodhouse Interiors. Whether it is their amazing fabrics, wall coverings or art each design is so unique and beautiful. Hapi Art products definitely have that wow factor that we are always looking for in our Interiors! No one has products like these! They are definitely one of a kind and absolutely gorgeous!" - Cara Woodhouse, Interior Designer


"I love this and I want it in my shack. I purposefully painted all of the walls in my house white so that the art is what brings color and energy to the space - this piece ("Love Shack") will do just that!" - Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator


"As a lover of color, I couldn't resist this piece ("Fight Song" framed print). It would work in so many rooms and add a perfect pop of brightness to any space." - Joy Cho, oh joy!


"The bright, bold artwork and textiles of Kristi Kohut are guaranteed to put a smile on your face." - Kat McEachern, Rue Magazine


"I love all the splashes of hot pink and blue - they feel like summer to me and would be a great way to bring some brightness to any room around the house that could use some new life." - Grace Bonney, Design Sponge


"Kristi is a doll! I have worked with her on a photo shoot for Domino Magazine online and used her artwork in client's homes. She is a true creative and I love the energy and color her art brings into any space. It's art that makes a happy statement!" - Claire Staszak, Centered by Design


"We recently discovered (and promptly fell in love with) the work of the Chicago-based mixed-media artist and designer Kristi Kohut. Her work is a perfect representation of our brains right now: a little bit of organized chaos and a whole lot of color. Each piece is like a high energy Rorschach test that would be perfect to hang in your office. Color therapy at its best." - Create and Cultivate


"We recently purchased two of Kristi’s amazing pieces of artwork. One was for an elderly client of ours who has trouble seeing. The contrasting colors, sparkle and dimension of her unique creation provided a delight that she has experienced rarely in quite some time. She said it was the best gift she has ever received! The piece we kept for ourselves is equally delightful. Placed in the entry foyer of our business, we are inspired by it each day, the light and love of Kristi is a powerful energy that carries through in each of her creations. We feel blessed to have a little bit of her in our own space of creation!" - Grace Ragsdale, Designer and Collector


"Kristi was amazing to work with. I was a little worried about investing in a piece without seeing it in person, but I felt confident enough because I love most of her art in general and she sent us photos before it was all said and done. I was very happy with the photos, but the real thing was stunning. I just sat in our family room and looked at it for hours with a smile on my face . (And still do smile whenever I look at it, even though it’s been there for many months now)." - Jessica Winkles, Collector


"I was thrilled. It was just as beautiful in person!  It is in my office facing my desk. I look at it every day. The colors are refreshing and give my energy!" - Nancy Figueroa, Collector


"Happy. Very happy, colorful, vibrant, good vibe art! Everyone loves all of your prints that we have. I will definitely be buying an original soon!" - Cassidy Ginivan, Collector


"I was ecstatic. I love it. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it's a reminder to "Do It Anyway" - to do what makes me happy regardless of what others may think." - Megan Beard, Collector


"Find your favorite artists and follow them. See what they do, what they share, and think about what you can do based on what speaks to you. It’s about you - be proud of what you purchase and showcase it with that same pride. I love to show off my art pieces and people are always curious and ask questions. They are interested in who the artist is and where I purchased it. They compliment my style and choice and want to know more. It’s nice to be able to share it with them and send them to your social media or websites to learn more." - Brianne Fitzgerald, Collector


"[It} brightens the space and adds some sparkle. Love it. It’s unique and happy. Just to buy what you love - it’ll always find a place in your home."  - Jessica Brillant, Collector


"I saw this online and instantly feel in love with all of the colors.   I LOVE it every time I pass it!" - Linda Erickson, Collector


"It made me feel uplifted, creative, calm & like I could keep looking at it and it would always resonate with me." - Collector


"I love them! These pieces are so special so find one you can keep for a lifetime. When people come over I love getting to show them off and have introduced several people to your studio." - Alexis Dotzler, Collector


 "Loved all the pieces because they bring a special feeling to the spaces they are hung. The color tradition was purchased for my office because it brought a fun and feminine touch to the space I spend most of my time. The various stripe prints are in my home. When I walk by the prints they are bright and cheery." - Leslie Dobinson, Collector


"I couldn't wait to open the packages!  I smile every time I look at them. They bring me joy, and I can't wait to buy an original when my husband and I own a home. Find something that speaks to you!" - Danielle Feinber, Collector


"The color and vibrancy of these pieces! I grouped them together and they give the room so much life!  Don’t hesitate with the purchase! These are vibrant, happy pieces of art, you can't go wrong. We get so many compliments! The grouping is in a room just off the foyer and people entering our home see it right away and always comment on how beautiful the art is." - Nate Haggard, Collector


"Love the colors and the feel to both of them, they just spoke to us!!! e have the torn paper on both prints and I love it because it makes it feel more 'one of a kind' to me. And, the lucite frame is AMAZING. [Our guests] comment a lot on how beautiful the exotic agate is over the fireplace. First thing you see when you walk in our door." - Shannon Buth, collector


"If it makes you happy, then it’s worth it. I have it in my office. I love when people admire it! [They're] impressed that I have “real” art."  - Jenna Breitstein, Collector



":Love the colors and goes with my house. Looked at it for ages and then finally bought it. But something you love! I adore it." - Megan Lindberg, Collector


"The piece I have makes me feel whimsical. It keeps my eye busy and relaxed at the same time. It’s modern and and give me a sense of ease because I feel like it represents me. Everyone who comments on the art loves it." - Rebecca Hart, Collector



"All three original pieces I have of yours have been PERFECT! I love the colors and the glitter. I watch your work on Instagram and wait for the ones that I love, that will fit in my home, to come available. I have my eye on a Chromatic Symphony piece next! I love having original artwork - it makes me feel like a successful grownup - but one that can still enjoy a touch of whimsy with the fun, vibrant, pieces." - Jordan Blakesley, Collector


"I have a large original over my fireplace and a small original from when she was first starting. I also have 2 framed prints. Because art is expensive, I want to make sure it's a piece that I really love and that I won't get sick of it over time. [The art] hangs right in the middle of our main room and I love it. It's whimsical, free, and just makes me happy. I tend to like straight lines in my furniture and not a lot of color on my walls, so I really like Kristi's pops of color and abstract shapes." - Debbie Trob, Collector

“By using bold, vibrant colors and mixing textures, Kohut’s masterpieces can’t help but make you feel uplifted,” - Jenny Muslin, Modern Luxury


"I bought two pieces in the stripe family. I thought about it long and hard as I wanted to be sure they worked well together. I even repainted my whole hallway white do the pieces would pop. I hung my pieces and two weeks later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am so happy I bought the art because it makes me so happy to come home and see them, even after chemo! I made dramatic changes for the art and I am so happy I did!" - Alexandra Bessent, Collector


"Met with Kristi and loved her personality and story. When we talked about her process I knew I needed an original. It will be the backdrop to my family’s story. Every time I think about it, my heart sings!" - Shannon Stumm, Collector


"It sparks joy every time I see it!" - Rachel Gustafson, Collector


"Just buy what you love!!! All [of Kristi's] pieces are so colorful that they work in any room, they bring in the sun. They are so bright and cheerful!! [My guests] love them and want to know where they came from because your pieces are so unique and different!" - Betsy Jones, Collector


"SOOOOOOO HAPPY! HAPPY! BRIGHT! JOY!" - Janet Sepanski, Collector


I own 6 pieces. Thrilled. Wish I could buy more of the collection. Love the use of color and materials and textures and patterns. Love seeing it everyday. Very uplifting." - Nicole Jackson, Collector


"Loved it. Was slightly nervous since got the print that wouldn’t capture the 3-D design. It was amazing. It is youthful and funky and captures my personality. It really ties my living area together. There are so many colors and enables me to bring in and ply with so many more colors in accents throughout. It is a piece I love looking at because it is so unique and makes me happy. [My guests] love it and always ask where I got it/who it’s designed by. They all want it for themselves." - Collector


"From the day we moved into our new home we have envisioned her work on our walls. Her work crystallizes the atmosphere we strive for in our home and for our family: Be creative, be cheerful, be yourself! If you have the wall space for it, GO BIG AND GO BOLD.  Everyone who visits comments on them. We hear a lot of, "These make the room!" - Bryan Gilmore, Collector


"Happy! And relieved (it was even better in person). f you love it just buy it :)" - Dayna Goodwinn, Collector


"If it speaks to you, get it. It will fit in your space somewhere and will 'go' with what you have because there's something about it that appeals to you." -Paige From, Collector


Love it - every time I see a Kristi piece in my house I am filled with joy. I smile and pause to look at it. It’s hard to explain but whatever Kristi art I have in my house reminds me of sunshine, light, and peace. Go with what speaks to your heart and fills it with joy. How it makes you feel is more important than what it looks like in your space." - Saba Lausch, Collector


"I absolutely love the colors and the way they make me feel. They're bold, exotic yet familiar at the same time, and feminine, but not in an overpowering way." - Ava Azizi, Collector


"Beyond excited and looks amazing in my house. I love it and it makes me so happy. I have gotten so many compliments." -Megan Kanofsky, Collector


"All I know is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I’m an eager beaver when the vault opens. Mesmerized and purely joyful. One day, I WILL have an original piece of hers gracing my walls. I know it will also be highly fought over by my kids and grandkids too because there is not much as mesmerizing." - Collector



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